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Featured Project

Brazil Trees

Featuring ourselves in the featured project! We are planting Brazil seedlings - an important and interesting local tree as part of our ongoing project to plant trees. The dyewood, or Brazil wood tree (Haematoxylon brasiletto), has a distinctive, twisted shape and a deeply grooved trunk. These trees played an important role in the early history of Bonaire. In fact, the oldest known map of the Caribbean (from 1513) labels the island as "Ysla do Brasil" ("Island of the Brazil tree"). A red dye was extracted from the wood and used for coloring fabrics. The Dutch seized Bonaire from the Spanish in 1636 in part to gain access to this commercially profitable product.


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Our YouTube Video hit is quickly nearing 15,000 views!

New Car in Fleet:

Jeep WranglerSpring has arrived and the snow drops are sprouting...well not on Bonaire but it's still a time of refreshment and newness. In that spirit we've added a Jeep Wrangler to our fleet! Perfect for cruising around the island in some serious style. Make your holiday an unforgettable one!

Upcoming Events on Bonaire:

Dutch Comedian Klaas van der Eerden

March 07 Dutch Comedian Klaas van der Eerden at Spice Beach Club . Tickets are for sale at Spice, It Rains Fishes and Addo's book store! Prices at pre-sale are Usd 20,- and Usd 30,- at the door. It starts at 8pm!

Alettas Goat Ranch Open House

March 09 Alettas Goat ranch open house. Alettas Goat ranch has started an open house every 2nd Saturday of each month. You are Welcome between 8am till 12 noon. Every Saturday Aletta will present a new product made from goat milk. Needless to say you are also most Welcome to stop by and buy her goat milk or goat cheese.   You can find Alettas goat ranch on the road to Rincon. After the soccer field, take the first dirt road to the left and follow the white stones.

Kaminda Di Arte

Local Art, drift wood art and more Kaminda di Arte is held every 3th sunday (March 17) of the month and it is the day to visit the local artist at their galleries, ateliers, or homes from 11am to 4pm. For updates Flyers with artists' names and addresses are available at shops and major resorts around Bonaire.

The BRAC Team
- "Once BRAC, always BRAC!"

Bonaire Rent A Car
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Bonaire Rent a car

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Bonaire Rent a Car
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Mob: +599 786 6090

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